Editorial Services

Take Your Writing To The Next Level

Editorial Services is the perfect way to make your writing shine. Our team of experienced professionals will help you correct, revise, and adapt your text so that it’s ready for publication or presentation. This includes book manuscripts, blog posts, articles, academic papers, dissertations, resumes, press releases, website text, and other marketing materials. 

A good editor can help you improve readability, grammar, punctuation, and overall tone. By hiring a professional to help with your content editing, you can ensure that your writing is clear and polished. 

Let us help you take your work to the next level!


Proofreading is all about getting rid of the minor mistakes that can ruin your document. It is the process of catching any errors in your work that may have been missed during other stages. This means checking over everything one last time for typos, misspellings, etc. It’s usually done last when you’re finished with writing and editing altogether, so it shouldn’t be comprehensive; but instead, just go over whatever needs fixing quickly to make sure there are no spelling errors or factual inaccuracies within words/passages whatsoever before publishing anything!

Proofread before publishing! 

Copy Editing

Copy editing is an essential part of the writing process that ensures consistency and accuracy. It is about making sure there aren’t any inconsistencies in the text, and it flows well. There are three levels to copy-editing: light, medium & heavy based on how much work is needed grammatically or with style flow. Each level has its set standards for what must be corrected to make sure everything flows well enough while still maintaining correct sentence and paragraph structure.

Content Editing

Content editing involves reviewing and improving the quality of all written content. This type of edit ensures that your content will be clear and concise. It can also help add things you left out or rewrite sections if necessary to create more interesting sentences while still maintaining their original meaning throughout all these changes (and make sure everything flows better).

 Prices are based on service requested and document length starting at $0.06 per word for proofreading, $0.08 for copy editing, and $.10 for content editing.  

**There is a minimum charge of $48 for editorial project requests.**