Keeping a straight face: Why brand consistency is crucial for your business

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Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, your brand is the “face” of your business. No element of your organization is more recognizable than your brand- for better or worse. That’s why it is crucial to not only develop a quality brand, but to ensure it remains consistent across all platforms as well as in all communication and marketing materials. The following are some ways that you can ensure brand consistency within your organization:

Create a professional logo:

Your logo is the first thing that people see with your business. While there are some logo generators online, nothing can beat an actual graphic artist who understands your brand’s mission, industry, and culture. There are a great number of graphic designers that offer affordable rates, making it a worthwhile investment.

Stick with it:

Yes, it can be tempting to play with colors, designs, and fonts, but it is mission critical that you have one centralized logo. From there, you can make two or three variations on size and dimensions since your logo will be used in multiple places both online and in print. We recommend a standard logo, a circle logo, a square logo, a horizontal rectangular logo, and a vertical rectangular logo. If your logo contains a large amount of black or white, you may wish to have an inverse version in case your logo will be used on a black or white background.

Create a color palette and font scheme:

Once you’ve developed your logo, it is crucial that you know your pantone and HTML colors. There are several sites that can assist you with identifying your HTML colors and pantone colors. This palette is useful to give to printing vendors to ensure that your materials are on brand specification. You will also want to create a font scheme and clearly identify your headline font, subheading font (if you have one), body font, and web copy font(s).

Create a tagline (or two:

A tagline is a one-sentence summary about your business. For example, at Clark and Hill, our tagline is “Our small business growing your small business.” It’s concise, to-the-point, and clearly communicates our objective and industry. Some businesses (especially those with diversified business lines) can have more than one tagline, but it’s best to start with just one.

Establish consistency across the board:

Once you have created your marketing materials, marketing collateral, and promotional items, you must make sure that each of your business units understands your logo, color, font, and tagline guidelines. This is important because as your business grows, it will be impossible to manage every communication or marketing material used within your organization.

Just as the business world frequently changes, your brand may need a face-lift from time to time. In fact, many of the world’s most recognizable brands (Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, etc.) routinely make small adjustments to their brand as consumer tastes and preferences change. If you need assistance with creating, enhancing, or managing your brand, please contact us at Clark and Hill Enterprise.

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